April 2013 Ljubljana

Group photo LjubljanaLjubljana April 2013

The Board met up at the  Restaurant Druga Violina, which, as well as being a very good restaurant, is a work programme for people with learning disabilities and you can see details on their facebook page here. The Board was made very welcome by the Slovenia Association and Vita Postuvan was complimented on the wonderful local arrangements. 

We met with the president of the board of ethics for Slovenia

The Board spent the majority of their time working on a Model Code of Ethics and Conduct which is based on the EFPA Metacode. This was requested by the EFPA Executive. It also includes a suggested framework for ethical governance and sanctions. There are some existing guidelines which are related here.

The other areas which were covered were:

The revision of the guideline on teaching ethics.

Ethics and supervision.

The Board resolved to work with other Boards, in particular the Board of Education on the educational guideline and the Research Board on ethical issues in common.