April 2012 Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia April 14th to 16th 2012

group photo Board of Ethics, ZagrebVenue: Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Marulicev trg 19/1

The Board was hosted by the Croatian Psychological Association and made very welcome. In addition to our Croatian host, Andreja Brajša-Ĺ˝ganec , we welcomed Vita Postuvan from Slovenia, and Lisbeth Sten Jensen from Denmark.
Our work for this session can be broadly divided into three main areas:

  • Codes of Ethics and Conduct
  • An Ethics Track at the Stockholm Conference
  • The improvement of this ethics minisite
  • Codes of Ethics and Conduct:


The first point concerned the need to develop models for Codes of Ethics and Conduct which could be applied in different countries and cultures. The  

Board had a very fruitful discussion, helped a great deal from input from Edward Van Rossen, our liaison with EFPA and a number of working points were developed. These included:

1. To integrate various documents around the existing metacode and to update its content in various ways.

2. To recognise there is a need for a small number of different model codes as they may have different purposes. As an example, a country may have a single psychological association in which case a single code may be needed. In others there are federations of associations where a different form would be appropriate. Finally there may be a government regulator which sets ethical standards and imposes sanctions; where there is one form of code would be a model, where there is not, another. The Board will be working to identify some models for these different purposes.

We also received reports on the compliance of existing Codes with the EFPA Metacode, and made plans to review others.

The second point concerned the welcome news that we will be able to repeat the very successful Ethics Track held at the European Congress in Istambul, at the 13th Congress in Stockholm in July 2013. Nina Dalen, our Norweigen representative has taken on the task of coordinating our work here.

Finally we discussed this website for the Board of Ethics and how we will develop it over the next few months.