- Symposia Prague: Teaching of Ethics 2010

4th Seminar held by the Standing Committee on Ethics.

Topic: Teaching of Ethics

Organizer Alena Koblicova

2-3 October 2010

  Some members of the Board of Ethics

Presentations at the event:

Welcome and overview from Pierre Nederlandt, Convenor and Belgium representative. 

Presentation by Henk Geertsema representative from The Netherlands on teaching ethics to healthcare psychologists.
Presentation by Haldor Øvreeide, representative from Norway, on some basic concepts and ideas for teaching ethics  
 Presentation by Wolf-Dietrich Zuzan, the representative from Austria on a survey of how professional ethics is imparted in Austria.  
Presentation by Catherine Wieder, the representative from France on the teaching of professional ethics in research programmes. 
Presentation by Yesim Korkut, the representative from Turkey, on overcoming the difficulties in training and teaching ethics.