- Ethics Track European Congress of Psychology Stockholm 2013

Ethics Track European Congress of Psychology Stockholm 2013

The Second Ethics Track was held at the Stockholm ECP and the conference programme attached to this page. 










This year, we had this year a very special event, namely our good friend and mentor Jean Pettifor, who contributed long years for psychology ethics in Canada and around the world, won the Wilhelm Wundt-William James Prize. The Board of Ethics were very pleased that this important recognition was given to her outstanding work in the field of ethics. 


Jean Pettifor  

This link gives some  background to Jean Pettifor and her work.

Jean Pettifor is one of the leading figures to promote the importance of ethics in clinical psychology and in research. She is 90 years old, but still as active as before in the world of psychology. At the ECP 2013 she received the Wilhelm Wundt – William James award for her long and important work. During the congress she took part in different symposia about ethics and also having an award lecture.

The ECP asked Jean Pettifor why ethics is important for psychologist. Here’s what she said:

Ethics are important to everyone, not just psychologists, because ethics guide us in how we relate to other human beings. In psychology there are many ways for promoting virtuous or ideal behavior and good character. Professional ethics requires a high standard of respect and caring in serving others. My concerns are that we retain our ideals and aspirations and not lose them in a series of bottom line prohibitions rather than striving for the best. I will talk about how political agendas influence how ideals are described, how codes of ethics and even human rights are interpreted. My advice for those entering the profession is that they know how their own values influence their lives and how they can maintain their humanitarian ideals in a troubled and sometimes non supportive world. Personal integrity over the years will serve well both themselves and others despite the bumps in the road ahead. Nourish the aspirational.



Altogether this year we had very interesting presentations on dealing with the Media, on development of national codes of ethics, and on human rights and politics, convened by the following specialists on ethics:  

Dealing with Media. Ethics in Public Appearance

Saths Cooper

National Psychological Ethics Codes: Challenges and Opportunities in the Writing and Revision Processes

Stephen Behnke

Yesim Korkut

Ethical Guidelines, Regulations and Practice for Supervision Across Five Countries

Carol Falender

The National Board of Ethics: What They Do and Can Do. An Overview from Some European Countries

Pierre Nederlandt

The Interface of Politics on the Interpretation of Virtue, Ethics and Human Rights Relative to Public Issues

Janel Gauthier

Jean Pettifor